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Business environment is changing dramatically. It's very important to focus on the core skills to grow and compete in the market. On the other hand, 'data-driven decision' making is proven to be criterion to distinguish winners from laggers. Question is how quickly once can adapt to this new philosophy to be competitive and improve the odds of winning. In our view four factors work as hurdles for adopting to the new paradigm.

Intent: The right ‘Intent’ from the organization is most important factor. Organization should first understand the importance of ‘data driven decision making’ and decide to adapt it for daily operation. It’s tough, but rewarding and to be successful in long run one need to adapt to it.

Data:¬† Next most important factor is data. Without quality data it’s impossible to take fact based decision. So, question is do you have high quality data accessible for decision making?

People:Analytics require data scientists, big data specialist, data experts and business-functional experts. It’s important to have right team to help in getting insight.

Tools:Using right tools to handle modern need for analytics is important. Tools for handling unstructured data as well as structured data, algorithmically advance for accurate result and fast performance for quick decision making is important factor.

ANVAYA Offering

We believe the intent for use of analytics should come from within the organization. The world has embraced that analytics is the tool to differentiate winner. But, it's important to use the right analytics for the specific business content. Generic, off the shelf analytics serves the purpose of improving ones business. Question is how about winning the game-differentiating one with competitors?

Anvaya blends its consulting services with solutions to bridge this gap.

ANVAYA Differentiators

  • We bring thousands of hours of serving clients solving their data problem.
  • Clients know their business, we help enhancing performance with appropriate data solutions.
  • We are end-to-end Data Solutions Company, we do not leave client in the middle of an ocean.
  • We offer neutral agnostic consulting service, our consultants prime focus is 'Client Success'
  • We do not complicate analytics, we simplify it and make it accessible for business.

Every organization has to go through various phases to transform into a the paradigm of 'data-driven decision'. One must first Evaluate the possibilities, Educate stakeholders, Explore with understanding the market and with planning, Engage with low key but focussed implementation and Execute full scale plan in iterative manner for complete adaptation.

ANVAYA understands that different client needs different strategy to make the journey successful. Our consulting team engage with client in all the five phases to execute the correct strategy, specific to their requirement for making the transformation journey effective and rewarding.


  • Big data transformation strategy
  • Analytics 2.0 Strategy and adoption
  • Data Management and Data Governance
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse planning and strategy.
  • Vendor evaluation and architecture decision.

ANVAYA Stands Out

  • Thousands of years experience of serving large as well as SME customers.
  • Vendor neutral approach. We always provide what is required for YOUR business.
  • Expertise in Analytics, Big Data, Data Warehousing and Visualization help us decide the best fit solution.
  • Analytics Innovation Lab always stay a step ahead of the current trend. This help us advise not only on customers current need, but make the plan and architecture scalable in future.